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May 30 12

How to Make Recommendation Letter Writing Effective?

Eva Lee

To answer how to make recommendation letter writing effective, it is imperative to know what the letter does for a candidate first. The importance of a letter of recommendation depends on its need and use. The requirement of the candidate can be different and the letter writing will change accordingly. So refer to the following points to make the letter effective.

Know the Candidate

Knowing the candidate is important; however, it does not necessarily mean that you should know him or her personally. For example, if a candidate is the ex student of your school, then you may talk to his teacher and get to know about him as well as information related to his academics, extra curricular performances, etc.

Purpose and Recipient

The reason why the candidate wants the letter will tell you how to write the content; it may be for admission, scholarship, employment, court appearance, etc. The nature of the letter too will be defined by this.

Personalize according to the Recipient              ho to start recommendation letter

As far as possible, address the letter to the particular concerned person rather than giving the letter a general common header (To Whomsoever It May Concern). The designation of the recipient too is important here so that you know what things to mention.

Know the Recipient’s Organization

Adding another factor to personalizing the letter of recommendation is knowing about the activities the organization is involved in. For instance, if the candidate is your employee, a trainee and needs the recommendation letter for applying in one of the top notch companies, then you should mention his technical proficiencies in order to help him get selected.


Customizing rules in the professional front, be it business, getting a job, etc. Thus, it is always better to do a bit of questioning (the candidate) and find out the purpose of him needing the letter. For example, if one wishes to apply as a fashion designer in a very well known academy of fashion designers, you need to mention the outstanding achievements the candidate has had instead of just highlighting what they are experts in.

Your Relationship with the Candidate

At the end of it, all the relationship you share with the candidate is the key. How well you know the candidate is directly proportional to the credibility of your letter. Thus, define well as to how you are in a position to write the letter for the candidate.

Contact Details

Do not forget to mention your updated contact details at the end or beginning of the letter. In a recommendation letter, this is a must because the recipient might want to speak to you for cross checking or clarifying any doubts.

Note these points to make the recommendation letter effective and it will surely serve its purpose.

May 11 12

Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School

Eva Lee

Recommendation letters add a lot of value to your application to any institute. Be it admission or scholarship, sometimes presenting a letter of recommendation is a part of the documentation process and at some places, it simply turns out to be an advantage. Giving admission nowadays has become so commercial that a word by someone influential, within the sphere of the educational industry, would surely help.

These are formal and professional letters that put in a personal word on your behalf to the person who is in charge of giving admissions to schools. It is better if the letter is customized according to different education institutes. The reason behind this is that there would be many students vying to get inducted in that particular school where you too wish to go, so make the content personalized according to the institution.

You may express to the issuer the different reasons of why you wish to pursue your studies in that organization, what did you like about it, the career plan you have chalked out for yourself, etc. Although there is a prefixed format of writing the letter of recommendation for graduate school, you may opt to write the letter on your own and get it printed and signed by the authority.

Here is the best part of a recommendation letter; you can get it from anyone, either an employer or some teacher of your previous school. It is preferred if they know you but in case you do not have anyone alike, you may approach any educational professional who is even remotely associated with you, your previous organizations, etc., and tell them the reason for wanting the letter.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School 

Date: 08/05/2012

David Thompson
Professor (Strategics)
Maryland School of Advanced Defense Studies
827, West End
Boston, MA, 36259
E-mail Address -
Contact Number – 894 584 9595

Reference: Letter of Recommendation for Paul Walter

To Whom It May Concern

It gives me pleasure to write this letter for Mr. Paul Walter. He has been a sincere student and a bright one too. It is a pleasure to be his teacher and an opportunity of having genuine pleasure to have a student like him. I highly recommend him for the course he wishes to take up, Ammunition Technology from the best of institutes. His hold on dynamo physics and nuclear physics is noteworthy, and I am sure he will not be a cause for disappointment wherever he studies.

Get in touch with me if need be, for talking about Mr. Walter. I would be glad to provide any assistance on the same.

Sincere regards,


David Thompson

This sample letter is from someone who has been a teacher of the applicant and knows him well. As mentioned above, in case a teacher does not happen to know you this closely, tell him or her about your ambitions and how the letter would be helpful to you.

Apr 25 12

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

Eva Lee

Agreed that for some, the recommendation letter can cause a puncture in the balloon of self esteem and self respect. Let me assure those people that it is not even close to asking for a jack. Jack meaning, a favour from someone whom you may or may not know. A simple fact that can prove my statement correct is the requirement of this letter in certain formal procedures like doing a doctorate course or wanting an admission in a reputed college for a post graduation.Often, some legal documents need this letter too. So all you people out there thinking that asking for a reference or a letter of recommendation is not correct and you are lowering your self worth by doing so, think again. With today’s fast and busy schedules, it has become an absolute must to market yourself well, follow up with people constantly to get your work done, and last but not the least, be smart.

Talking business now, when someone comes to you asking for a recommendation letter, your own reputation is being valued, note this. Second, bear in mind that you need to know the person or at least the reason for writing the letter. You need to mention that in the letter. For instance, just have a look at the following section, which is an example of how to write a letter of recommendation.

Sample Content for the Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Manager of XYZ Software Solutions, know Miss. Torque Earnest professionally for more than a year. She is working with us as an Accountant and a very efficient one at that. Her professional credentials are impressive and I would recommend her for doing her further studies in an institute as reputed as yours.I can confidently say that she is able and sincere, a quick learner, and a hard-working student. She has handled and made many presentations on financial matters. She handles our entire accounting department and does an excellent job. She has been responsible for framing our policies for the freshmen.

You will have a bright student if you grant her admission for the masters’ course in your institute. In case you have any queries about Miss. Earnest, feel free to contact me on the contact details given below.



Contact Details

This is how one needs to recommend someone and mention as many relevant things as one can in the letter. Explain your position for writing the recommendation letter and talk fairly about the candidate.